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Foe - J.M. Coetzee

The rift between what each interviewee tells of Coetzee and the story Mr. Thus, in each interview there are disagreements as to what the interviewee means and how it is structured by Mr. Vincent into a biographical text. For instance, Julia tells the story of how she cheated on her husband with Coetzee as her secret lover.

Yet, she strictly warns Mr. Thus, she deliberately tells excessively of herself more than of Coetzee, and paradoxically ends up displacing Coetzee from being the major figure in his biography.

Scenes from Provincial Life

In another interview, Mr. In this new form of narrative, Margot is also seen to be narrating in the-third person. Moreover, Mr. He writes fictitious letters from Margot to Coetzee and vice versa depending on what he learned from Margot about their relationship. There definitely is a transposition of discourse from biography to fiction, which surfaces as Mr. Vincent and Margot go over the re-written text. Though Mr. And she becomes really doubtful about the termination of authenticity and referentiality which comes through the change of discourse.

Similar questions as to referentiality and authenticity also appear in the following interviews. In her interview, which takes place by the help of a translator, Adriana shows discontent with Mr. She does not let him use her photographs in his project. And the critical question is about whether a biography is written so as to justify a particular image of a person, as it is perceived by the biographer.

In the same way, Sophie wonders if Mr. Vincent regards her story as more real than what Coetzee tells of himself. Is a biography a fiction among other possible fictions? Therefore, Coetzee plays with the conventions of autobiography and fiction by emphasising and manipulating the transitivity between them; and thus he highlights the gradual diminishing of authenticity within figured narration.

Conclusion In an article he wrote on the confessional mode of life-writing in Tolstoy, Rousseau and Dostoyevsky, Coetzee himself inquires if a secular confession about the truth of the self is possible without self-deception. In the same manner, in Summertime, with his absent presence and discursive experiments, Coetzee creates linguistic authenticity in contrast to referential authenticity. Finally, in his experimental autobiographical form, Coetzee achieves a combination of Rousseau, the nineteenth century Russian novelists and Samuel Beckett respectively due to the employment of fictive dialogues attributed to real characters, the tendency for a secular mode of confession and the move towards decentralization of the self-narrating voice.

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  4. A Storm of Witchcraft: The Salem Trials and the American Experience.

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By Giuliana Iannaccaro. The Ethico-politics of Autobiographical Writings: J.

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Scenes from Provincial Life by JM Coetzee review

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