Owls of the United States and Canada: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior

Principles of Bone Biology: John P. Bilezikian, Lawrence G. Raisz, Gideon A. Rodan: Principles of Bone Biology, Two-Volume Set, Volume , Third Edition .

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Writing prompts that guide users through digital content-creation projects related to each strength. Interactive learning simulations give students hands-on experience navigating the online world in a safe, controlled environment. Getting Started Guide, lesson plans, and reproducibles Pre- and post- reading assessments to measure student learning.

We all know the Declaration of Independence was signed in , but too often we forget that the colonies were almost a year into the Revolutionary War by the time of the signing. Can you replicate historical success? Or will your colonies fall back under British rule? Building upon Rebellion, an awardwinning board game, this book presents a weeklong unit with detailed lesson plans, primary source documents, and additional instructional resources for teaching the American Revolution through play.

It may only be play money, but the games in this book can help students better understand how important financial literacy is in their real lives.

Walk the Path of Suns

Playbased lesson plans in the book cover topics including spending and saving, risk assessment, and return on investment using fast-paced board and card games. A larger capstone game pulls together all of the concepts in a market-driven game that places students in the role of stockholders investing in and managing train companies. Who will use financial savvy to turn the biggest profit? Understanding how computer programming works is a critical part of digital literacy for students today.

This book uses highly engaging games to immerse students in the world of logical thinking and problem solving. From programming robots to writing stories that work as interactive fiction games, the lessons in this book provide ways to build digital literacy beyond the computer lab. The lesson plans and resources support a play-based approach to evolution, ecosystems, cellular organisms, elements and compounds, and vector motion. Though easy to learn, the included games provide detailed scientific accuracy allowing complex simulations and immersive learning experiences. Slavery is a sensitive topic in American history.

This book provides resources and lesson plans for a weeklong unit covering slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the abolition movement built around an awardwinning board game. In Freedom: The Underground Railroad, students will take on the role of abolitionists helping slaves reach freedom in Canada.

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Background knowledge, primary source documents, and detailed lesson plans on teaching slavery and using the game provide full support for instruction. An internetaccessed customized Freedom mini-game scenarios designed by Brian Mayer and Christopher Harris are available with each purchase. His current position as a certified school administrator, along with his background as a teacher, technology coordinator, and school librarian have provided Chris with many different perspectives on gaming and learning.

Founder of Play Play Learn playplaylearn. Tech Girls: Turning Your Hobby into a Career There are ample stereotypes surrounding careers in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and video game development.

This series breaks down these detrimental stereotypes, providing practical information that will empower teenage girls with a genuine interest in STEM fields to have confidence in their own abilities and seek out these career paths. Readers will discover how they can start preparing now for a variety of exciting STEM careers through high school courses, clubs, internships, and summer programs.

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Greatest Movie Monsters This series is a fun and engaging look at some of the most famous and influential movie monsters of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Celebrating these iconic monsters also provides the opportunity to learn more about the history of film.

Each book is visually stimulating and teeming with movie stills and various behind-the-scenes shots. Rings movies. For King Kong, Serkis studied ape movements and used a voice box he called the Kongalizer so that he could look and sound as apelike as possible. His use of special effects impressed critics.

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His motion-captured Kong was singled out for his ability to connect with the audience and the actors. He is not the only monstrous ape out there, either. The first was King Kong, a cartoon series that was produced in Japan and aired in that country as well as in the United States. The show had twenty-five episodes and ran for three seasons, from to King Kong includes characters from the movie, the Toho Studios movies, and characters that are original to. Surviving Disaster: Real Life Tales of Survival and Resilience Acts of war, terrorism, and natural disasters can cause death and destruction, leading to extraordinary recovery efforts.

This series gives students a glimpse into what it was like to experience such horrific events and how citizens, first responders, and governments reacted. Cleanup, medical treatment, and further military or legal action are covered in detail. Stories from survivors and participants are featured throughout, providing many unique perspectives on these disasters. These titles dive into the logistics of what it takes to be a member of one of these elite groups, from training to proficiency with the most advanced weapons and gear.

Readers will also learn about notable, recently declassified missions. This series will not only shed light on the workings of these secretive teams but also inspire awe and respect for some of the most highly trained soldiers in the world. Heroes and Legends The tales of ancient heroes like Theseus, Sinbad the sailor, and the Knights of the Round Table have been handed down through the ages, but modern readers may not know where these legends originated or how they have evolved over time.

This richly illustrated, captivating series describes epic myths of various traditions, including those of the ancient Greeks, medieval England, and the Middle East. True Tales of Terror A good ghost story can tingle the spine and make even a skeptic start to believe in supernatural phenomena. In this spooky series, readers will hear from ghost hunters who investigate encounters with poltergeists and animal spirits.

The authors explore the scientific basis of ghosts and other unexplainable events reported by eyewitnesses, giving readers the opportunity to assess the validity of these chilling tales. The Guide for Curious Minds These texts are loaded with fascinating information, fun facts, and intriguing insights. Not only do they satisfy the curious minds hungry for knowledge about anatomy, infinity, outer space, world cultures, and weather, they also truly convey upon the reader a depth of knowledge and breadth of understanding.

Most important, these texts serve up a lively, entertaining, and accessible read that meets Common Core standards for integration of knowledge and ideas, exposure to a range of reading and text complexity, identifying key ideas, analyzing concepts, and citing textual evidence.

A Sourcebook

Sports to the Extreme Whether reaching new heights through skydiving and rock climbing or inventing new tricks for activities like biking and motorsports, extreme sports are gaining in popularity. Competitors and fans are drawn to the highadrenaline, thrilling, and risk-taking ride at the heart of these endeavors. This series emphasizes innovations in technique and equipment, as well as safety issues, background history, and different styles or offshoots of the sport.

Readers will learn about notable athletes, equipment required to participate, organizations, and competitions. Sports Tips, Techniques, and Strategies This series provides an in-depth look at field hockey, lacrosse, water polo, wrestling, surfing, and paintball. Readers will learn the origins of each sport, the equipment needed, and how to get involved.

Techniques and strategies are presented in an interesting, informative, fun, and useful way, with diagrams and photographs to illustrate key points. Zahensky, T. Chiu, N. Stanley, J. Van Pelt, B. Cooperson, B.

Hofstetter, J. Campbell, F. Inside Sports Whether on a field, on ice, or underwater, athletic activity is much more than an exhibition of physical dexterity or a battle of brawn. Athletes, both amateur and professional, must synthesize strategy and grace to succeed. These exciting volumes examine the evolution of various sports—from the camaraderie of team sports, such as hockey, volleyball, and lacrosse, to the more individualized pursuits of racecar driving, martial arts, and extreme sports—and the journeys of their most exceptional competitors.

Confronting Violence Against Women Violence against girls and women, from dating violence and stalking to sexual assault and female genital cutting, is unfortunately all too common. This series provides information that all women—indeed, all people— should be aware of, whether or not they themselves may fall prey to dangerous situations. After introducing the problem, each volume will give readers resources for seeking legal, medical, and therapeutic help and coping with the physical and emotional fallout including PTSD symptoms.

Ultimately, this series provides prudent, authoritative information for young women on how to stay safe, where to go for help, and how to recover. Teen Life Adolescents today face many challenges, from personal health issues to abuse and other external threats. This series offers advice that is both sensitive and practical for young readers who may not know where to turn otherwise.

Resources, coping mechanisms, and treatments are offered. Readers will come away feeling that they can lead physically and emotionally healthy lives in spite of the situations they have faced and in spite of any social stigmas that might be attached to the problem.

I Have Been Cyberbullied.


Flames of War

Now What? I Have a Food Allergy. I Have an Alcoholic Parent. I Have Been Sexually Abused.

Your Sexual Health This collection of informative books brings a sensitive and extremely important topic to the forefront: sexual health. Each title provides a detailed description of the disease or condition, its symptoms, current treatments, any future treatment currently being developed, and preventative measures. The emotional aspects of the disease or condition are also covered, including coping strategies and ways to support a friend or family member who has contracted the condition. The Right Degree for Me Every career requires different training, and students can choose from a wide range of options, from certificate programs to more advanced degrees, to prepare themselves for the future.

Careers in business, nursing, accounting, information technology, health care, and education are among the most indemand and high-growth jobs, offering a good return on investment. Each book in this engrossing series guides readers to make the most informed and practical choices about which degree to pursue in order to attain their career aspirations. The texts are well-written, demonstrating the complexity of these careers.