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Has been associated with TDJ since A, where he is responsible for operational IT management and implementation of IT strategy. He has many years of experience in building and implementing strategies and managing key processes in the area of HR. He was responsible there, among others, for implementing HR standards at the global level from scratch.

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TDJ he is responsible for shaping and developing an organizational culture based on values, implementing best practices and standards in HR, including, among others, in the area of building employee engagement and the Talent attracting and developing programme. Since he has been working in fields of finance, strategic and operational management, mainly for production companies listed on the WSE. He held managerial functions in Indykopl S. He has authored programmes for the continuous improvement and transformation of organizations based on the Lean Management culture.

A speaker and participant in many Lean Management conferences, he has extensive experience in managing teams and projects in the automotive, logistics, transport, services, machine and heavy industry sectors. His experience includes work in the Saint Gobain Group, in the Deutsche Bahn Group and in PKP Intercity, where he was the Project Director and was responsible for the optimization of operational processes and the transformation of the organization based on the Lean methodology.

Currently, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the TDJ Lean Management programme and best practices and standards.

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He focuses on the strategic approach to the transformation of the organization, conducting numerous workshops for the management and implementation teams, using the best Lean and Change Management practices. Legal Counsel. He specializes in corporate law, public trading in securities, antitrust law and issues related to the functioning of investment funds. He has professional experience in building strategies for the development and restructuring of capital groups and the introduction of corporate governance systems.

Grzegorz Morawiec was an advisor in the process of acquiring privatized companies, and carried out, from the legal standpoint, a dozen or so transactions related to the acquisition or sale of controlling blocks of shares or stocks of capital companies, including public companies. He has experience in conducting all kinds of transformations, divisions and mergers of personal and capital companies.

The concentration of her professional function focuses on multi-tasking support of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board. Expert in the field of implementation and development of Lean Management culture in organizations. In his previous career, he supported clients in the transformation of processes and in building awareness of the need for changes among management. He owes his extensive experience to dozens of companies in Poland in many branches of industry: metallurgy metallurgy , electromechanical, automotive, transport and logistics, food — agricultural, wood and paper, and public administration.

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He focuses on the strategic approach to the transformation of the organization, conducting numerous workshops for the management and implementation teams, using the best practices of Lean Manufacturing and Change Management. He has been a speaker at the European Congress of Lean Manufacturing in Katowice and is passionate about continuous improvement and setting ambitious goals. It dealt with investments, the creation of new companies, the development of business ventures and acquisitions of other companies.

At that time, the company gained a market advantage by importing technologies from abroad and flexible adaptation to the extremely dynamic market. The key date in the development of TDJ was The competitive position was strengthened by the consolidation of the market and intensive restructuring of TDJ companies. The focus was also on developing exports by implementing the Go Global strategy and continuing a conservative financial policy.

In connection with the diversification policy, in a decision was made to develop TDJ investment in the real estate sector, based on which TDJ Estate was established. At the same time, other investment areas were distinguished: Equity, Venture, Estate, Finance and Foundation. Producer of mechanized mining housings and systems for hauling spoil from the wall Establishment of TDJ Estate TDJ Estate deals in investments in the real estate sector, mainly in office and residential real estate as well as industrial, service, agricultural and real estate for development.

Payment of dividend in the form of company shares The first dividend in the history of the Polish stock exchange in the form of company shares — Famur S. The Foundation runs diversified projects focusing on supporting education and personal development of children and youth, giving them the chance to gain the highest quality of education. Leader in the design and implementation of equipment for carburization systems in Poland.

Interest in its offshore wind potential is also growing, with the technical potential to add up to 8 GW. While modeling forecasts some nuclear after , its influence is small compared to renewables because of its high price. An EV fleet running on coal-fired electricity will still create emissions, although they will reduce emissions since EVs are more efficient than internal-combustion vehicles. To reach deep decarbonization, Poland will need a comprehensive approach addressing all sectors.

Although the power sector will likely see natural decarbonization over time due to changing coal economics, the BAU scenario shows fairly steady industrial emissions. Building codes and appliance standards , especially for heating components, can effectively decouple energy demand from building demand, and waste heat from electricity generation can be used for combined heat and power. We are a nonpartisan climate policy think tank delivering high-quality research and original analysis to help policymakers make informed energy policy choices.

We accel. We are a nonpartisan climate policy think tank helping policymakers make informed energy policy choices and accelerate clean energy by supporting the policies that most effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Equity and Growth in a Globalizing World. Ukrainian nationalism. The Mystery of Economic Growth.

Introduction to Modern Economic Growth.

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