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In this fully revised second edition of Motivate to Win Richard Denny shows how anyone can transform their dream of success into a reality by becoming more motivated. This stimulating book covers every aspect of this important life skill, including:. Motivation is essential for success at work as well as for a rewarding personal life, so learning the skills and techniques to improve your motivation is never time wasted.

Motivate Win Learn Get by Richard Denny

Richard Denny defies anyone not to attain greater achievements by following the techniques in this book. Whether you want to motivate yourself or those around you, this book is the key to great results.

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Richard Denny is a highly successful businessman. For over 20 years, Richard Denny has been sharing his ideas on success and achievement around the world. A highly sought after motivational speaker, he has helped literally thousands of people to success. Your reputation, your character, your behavior will inspire people more than anything else.

The only way to call the best out of others is to expect the best from yourself.

Everyday Power

And the right thing they do may not be what you were expecting; it may be something beyond your wildest expectations. Motivation and inspiration are not the sole province of professional speakers and preachers. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. Who knows, you may be surprised by what they do. He helps CEOs gain board approval and company-wide support for initiatives.

1) Get Positive

Chris also empowers newly promoted managers and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through the power of effective speaking and presenting. In addition, he works with technical experts to simplify their presentations to win multi-million dollar contracts.

For more information, call or visit www. Toggle navigation Toggle search. Subscribe Today Reliable Plant Newsletters. Here are 4 steps to motivate your people: Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Share in the sacrifice.

If you can connect the work you do to your values, even in small ways, you can change your game. I find ways to grow my skills in any situation. Are you doing that task to get it done, or to learn something new? Just shifting your why can light your fire.

Motivate to Win Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Others to Really Get Results 3rd Revised edition

You can instantly find your tasks more enjoyable by shifting from getting them done, to doing them right. Sometimes slower is better.

Other times, the key is to make it a game and actually speed it up. You can set time limits and race against the clock.

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Changing your how can get you out of ruts and find new ways to escape the mundane. Remember the feeling. How did you feel during your first kiss? What about laying on the grass on a sunny day? Sometimes you need to be here, now. Sometimes, the right here, right now sucks. The beauty of shifting tense is you can visualize a more compelling future, or remember a more enjoyable past.

At the same time, if you catch yourself dwelling on a painful past, get back to right here, right now, and find the joy in the moment.