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Interpret historical land records, understanding their creation and documentation Become familiar with the various methods of historic surveys Overcome common research issues, including lost or corrupted records Establish boundaries free of vagueness or abstraction, with clear documentation. Haphazard retracement leaves a boundary open to dispute and complicates future retracement efforts. Accuracy depends in part on quality research and the accurate interpretation of available documents. Interpreting Land Records provides comprehensive, practical guidance toward retracement based on sound evidence and technique.

Easements Relating to Land Surveying and Title Examination is the most up-to-date reference that succinctly and incisively covers easements and reversions, written for land surveyors and title examiners. This comprehensive guide covers the various forms of easements, their creation, reversion, and termination.

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Its numerous case studies offer examples of situations in which easements resulted in litigation and reveal how these cases were decided by the courts. The book also includes coverage of undescribed easements and guidance on how to properly write new easement descriptions.

Wilson emphasizes that retracement is not surveying a deed, but following in the footsteps of the original surveyor. Wilson reminds us that a property deed is intended to reflect the original survey, and not the other way around. For instance, an original surveyor creates new property bounds, attempts to locate them accurately and prepares a plan representing those physical bounds as located. The surveyor may measure a distance between two monuments at Even though the physical bounds exist, the deed distance call for that line is By law the original physical corners prevail, but are frequently ignored by a surveyor who aspires to greater accuracy while neglecting legal duties.

A deed survey is not a retracement, but an inexact copy.

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This errant survey practice creates what we call the pincushion effect, something seen across the country. In fact, just this last year in my own practice, I set original corners in a subdivision and was amused, to be polite, to find within a few months new corners set on several lots within a half inch of my rebar or PK nails. The release of Boundary Retracement could not come at a better time.


Wilson is thorough as he covers the topic. After the book defines the principles of retracement, Wilson continues with land title definitions and many related topics, including prescription, ambiguities and intent. An entire chapter covers corners and lines Wilson defines over 20 types of corners alone. He discusses protracted boundaries at great length. Any person who is interested in becoming a professional land surveyor must have this book in his library. You cannot be a practicing professional without having studied this text.

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Ideas to Maximize a Land Survey When Marking Boundary Lines on Rural Land Tracts

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