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This does not mean you should focus more on strength than skill. Making use of those muscles will help you swim more cleanly and more quickly, though it may feel a bit awkward to place more emphasis on your core instead of your arms and legs, at first. Try purposefully tensing them up to keep your body straighter, too. To swim as fast as possible, aim to have a neutral head position throughout your stroke.

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  5. 4 Drills for Backstroke Beginners.

Keeping your head positioned this way reduces drag and makes strokes more efficient. You should be looking down, not up or forward, to keep your body as horizontal as possible in the freestyle position. To keep your head and eyes down, keep your neck relaxed; this will keep your lower body higher in the water.

Though this will not make as big of a difference as the other steps, together it will help to make you faster. However, if you want to swim faster, then this absolutely cannot be you. This will help you get the lead you may need to beat your best race timeā€”and the swimmers in the other lanes. Dolphin kicking off the wall can make you go even faster, and having a strong underwater kick can increase your lung capacity. Having a routine that has elements of aerobic exercise, which means swimming for longer as well as a moderate endurance workout which focuses on mid-distance and moderately hard swimming can help you get faster.

Your workout should have several elements but the main part should focus on endurance, speed, and muscular endurance. Hello everyone! Race Tempo 25's Stroke and amount to be determined Monday, September 24, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : Meet review, Awards distributed,stretching,then long freestyle warmup. Stroke and Turn Corrections,stroke counts in all strokes! Strength training in water,Fins,center snorkels, bands, and resistance training in general. Kick Set : 6 x on tight intervals,alternating Flutter,and Dolphin by Main Set : Light set or aquatic game after big meet!

Warm down. Thursday, September 20, Bear Swimming Workout Dryland , Stretching, Wetland training. Drill Set : Chutes,fins,center snorkels. Main Set: Ladder similar to wed. Swim fast in preparation for this weekends meet. Work the Walls.

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Starts and turns Warm down Thanks, Pat M. Wednesday, September 19, Bear Swimming Workout Drill Set : 2 x long axis -free then back ;3 stroke ,6 kick rotation drill. Short Axis: 2 x Kick set : 9 x -3 groups of 3 x on a tight interval - to be determined.

Main Set : Run Downs aka bracket sprints : 10 x Then into a light pyramid 50,,,, , 50 ,evens the and are IM the last 50 is Fly. We will spend some time working on starts and turns in preparation for this weekends meet. Flip turn work is required as well. Monday, September 17, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : Stretching,core strengthening,reaction time,race focus intro.

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Second group : Dolphin-same pattern. Third group : Flutter-clusters of 2x 50 - easy,medium,fast. Main Set : Meet preparation -starts and turns. Timed Sprints. Breathe Control set : 2 x ,2 x hypoxic free. Warm down : choice. Thursday, September 13, Bear Swimming Workout Dryland core stretching and strengthening 10 minutes ,short easy freestyle Warm up.

Kick set : 8 minute kick set-count laps. Drill set :4x 4 x 50 ; Fly swim down , Back drill coming back 3 stroke -6 kick. Backstroke swim down ,Breast stroke drill coming back. Breastroke down ,freestyle drill coming back.


Freestyle swim down ,butterfly drill coming back. We will be working on Starts and turns as well. Warm Down Thank you, PM. Wednesday, September 12, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : freestyle alternating catchup with long stroke free.

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Drill Set : 6 x 50's double deepwater Freestyle deepwater start and flips without touching the wall. Kick Set : 10 x 50 on the Alternating flutter and Dolphin by Main Set: We are going to swim the meet events , and work on correct Starts and turns. Breathe Control: 2 x ; 3,5,7,5 first Second ; 5,7,9,7. Hypoxic Set : 4 x 25 no breather freestyle.


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Monday, September 10, Bear Swimming Workout Warm up : swim- choice, 4 x kick - stroke order, Breath Control 2 x ; 3 , 2 ,1, 0 breath or 4,3,2 then 1 breath. Scull Set: 2 x 50 on front-1 dolphin,1 flutter kick plus 2 x 50 on back- first V-sit scull ,then backstroke with sculling arms by side. Main Set : 8 x 50 ;Butterfly down ,Backstroke drill coming back,8 x 50; Backstroke down ,breaststroke drill coming back, 8 x 50; Breaststroke down freestyle drill coming back.

Tarzan 50's x 2 , Starts and turns in prep for meet in 2 weeks. Thanks ,PM. Thursday, September 6, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : free -broken into 3x Drill Set : 4 x 75 stroke drills, Kick set : - 4 x stroke :burst , build , easy , fast x lap. Warm down, Thank you. Wednesday, September 5, Bear Swimming Workout We will be working on starts and turns as well as preparing for our upcoming meet in a little more than 2 weeks! Hypoxic set : TBA , warm down yds.

Thursday, August 30, Bear Swimming Workout Warm up : freestyle, breast, Free -long. Kick Set : Fins! Breast stroke kick and sculling arms. Main Set : 20 x 50 - broken into 5 sets of 4. Each set will be swum medium to fast, with the 4th 50 always "all out". Fly x 4 , Back x 4 ,Breast x 4 ,Free x 4 ,and then Fly again for 4 x 50 matching or beating the first sets time. Starts and Turns: We will be spending some time on covering flip turns as well as correct track and relay starts.

Hypoxic set : 4 x 50 minimum breathing. Warm down choice.

Wednesday, August 29, Bear Swimming Workout Kick Set: Vert kicking x plus deepwater 6 x 50's freestyle - flips at wall without touching: explosive kick from deepwater. Breaststroke kick x 2 x arms by side. Monday, August 27, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : Freestyle : First easy,middle med. Kick Set: Fashion model backstroke x 4 x 50,Dolphin on back 4 x 50, Breatsstroke kick x 4 x 50 arms at side. Main Set: Butterfly 10 sec. Reset, Back, 4 x 50 back, free ,reset Breaststroke ,4 x 50 Breast, free ,reset. Thursday, August 23, Bear Swimming workout Warmup : Freestyle - free left arm, 50 right arm.

Drill set: Backstroke - 3 stroke ,6 kick drill x , breaststroke -one stroke breast,one fly.

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Main Set: 5 x IM followed by a relay challenge set-yardage to be determined Chutes,fins and tug of war! Breath Control set: free breathing on the 5th,7th,9th,and 11th stroke by Hypoxic set : 2 x 50 Minimum breaths. Warm down-active rest Tuesday, August 21, Bear Swimming Workout Work on Breakouts and powerful bi- directional kicking pulling up as hard as you push down with your legs. Hypoxic set-tba time allowing ,Flipturns, Warmdown yds.

Monday, August 20, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup : ; freestyle , choice -with a low stroke count, free with same stroke count on ALL 4 laps. Drill: 1 x 25 V -Sit Scull, 1 x 25 Piston kick with sculling arms,1 x 25 of body dolphin, 1 x 25 of slow arm butterfly with flutter kick. Sprints -tba Warm down yds.

Warmup free followed by 3 x Sharkfin 6 kick switch for 1st , 12 kick switch for 2nd ,6 kick for 3rd. Drill Set : 3 x 75 Backstroke kick drill : Left arm 25 ,right arm 25,both arms 25 repeat 3x. Main set : free, IM, freestyle build to fast, IM, free-last 25 heads up.

Thanks , Pat M. Wednesday, August 15, Bear Swimming Workout Warmup: Freestyle-extra long. Drill Set : Scull Set 4x 75 - 2 are on front sculling below you with a flutter kick ,2 are on back side sculling with a flutter kick. Fashion Model back stroke x 6 kick,fast rotation to opposite side-shoulder to chin,rotating from the waist first. Hands by sides.

One arm dead arm drill alternating sides by Extra credit for those who can make it on their back!